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Top 50 Websites – Disappointing Validation Report

I found out today that my web site did not validate as valid (x)html markup (I had mistakently left out a closing “a” tag). I fixed the issue and am now validating properly. I then started to get curious about how many other bigger websites fail in validation. I went over to the Alexa Global Top Sites list and took notes on how many of the top 50 sites validate. Granted Google dominates a large portion of this list with their sites for specific countries, however I noticed that different errors were presenting themselves on different sites, so I just played along. So, how were the results? Extremely disappointing! Only five out of the top fifty site’s home pages were valid html or valid xhtml (that is just 10%). Sina, Imageshack, and were not even able to report how many errors there were to complete the test as some of the characters used were not even found in their specified text encoding. The sites that passed are MSN, Wikipedia, Skyrocket, Yandex, and Craigslist.

  1. Yahoo! – Failed validation, 34 Errors
  2. Google – Failed validation, 30 Errors
  3. YouTube – Failed validation, 78 Errors
  4. Windows Live – Failed validation, 64 Errors
  5. MSN – Passed validation
  6. Myspace – Failed validation, 123 Errors
  7. Facebook – Failed validation, 37 Errors
  8. Wikipedia – Passed validation
  9. Hi5 – Failed validation, 297 Errors
  10. Orkut – Failed validation, 16 Errors
  11. – Failed validation, 122 Errors
  12. – Failed validation, 19 Errors
  13. Megaupload – Failed validation, 86 Errors
  14. – Failed validation, 38 Errors
  15. Friendster – Failed validation, 93 Errors
  16. Yahoo! Japan – Failed validation, 457 Errors
  17. Microsoft – Failed validation, 31 Errors
  18. – Failed validation, 95 Errors
  19. – Failed validation, 345 Errors
  20. Google France – Failed validation, 41 Errors
  21. Ebay – Failed validation, 181 Errors
  22. – Failed validation, 525 Errors
  23. Google Brazil – Failed validation, 39 Errors
  24. Skyrock – Passed validation
  25. Sina – Failed validation (Unable to complete test due to character encoding issue)
  26. Google Germany – Failed validation, 43 Errors
  27. Google Chile – Failed validation, 44 Errors
  28. Google UK – Failed validation, 45 Errors
  29. Google Spain – Failed validation, 49 Errors
  30. Flickr – Failed validation, 30 Errors
  31. Seznam – Failed validation, 1 Error
  32. Google Poland – Failed validation, 45 Errors
  33. – Failed validation, 1588 Errors
  34. IMDB – Failed validation, 211 Errors
  35. Photobucket – Failed validation, 122 Errors
  36. – Failed validation, 6 Errors
  37. Imageshack – Failed validation (Unable to complete test due to character encoding issue)
  38. Wretch – Failed validation, 541 Errors
  39. Google Mexico – Failed validation, 39 Errors
  40. – Failed validation, 4 Errors
  41. Yandex – Passed validation, 3 warnings
  42. – Failed validation, 302 Errors
  43. – Failed validation (Unable to complete test due to character encoding issue)
  44. – Failed validation, 172 Errors
  45. Universo Online – Failed validation, 1276 Errors
  46. – Failed validation, 32 Errors
  47. BBC – Failed validation, 35 Errors
  48. – Failed validation, 224 Errors
  49. Allegro – Failed validation, 61 Errors
  50. Craigslist – Passed validation

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  1. Comment by Simeon on November 22, 2007

    Nice finding. Thanks.

    I am proud of our russian search engine Yandex:)

  2. Comment by punk on November 23, 2007

    2 Simeon, zato u google ni4ego i ne teryalos’:)

  3. Comment by lorien on November 23, 2007

    Yandex! Ole-ole-ole-ole!

  4. Comment by Yandex on November 23, 2007

    Yandex the superman

  5. Comment by Sergey on November 23, 2007

    Yandex the superman

  6. Comment by sasha on November 23, 2007

    Yandex the superman

  7. Comment by Pavel Ciorici on November 23, 2007

    Yandex the superman

  8. Comment by korvin on November 24, 2007

    Yandex for president!!

  9. Comment by Jeremy on November 24, 2007

    @Yandex fans. A lot of Yandex fans here. I guess I am a fan of Wikipedia, but I will be looking into Skyrocket in the future.

  10. Comment by Ned Batchelder on November 25, 2007

    I think this helps show how meaningless validation is. It’s a programmer’s utopian ideal, but doesn’t really matter much in the real world. It certainly doesn’t affect site traffic.

  11. Comment by Dom on November 25, 2007

    Try thinking about this from a bandwidth perspective. From Google’s position, saving a couple of bytes on each page view they serve far outweighs the benefits (if any) of XHTML validation. Millions of hits a day * a line or two of doctype will add up very quickly.

  12. Comment by dani on April 29, 2008

    try the new version of :)

  13. Comment by 411 New York on June 21, 2008

    Our site use to validate but we added a youtube video and now it has 5 erors. I can get rid of it using frames but won’t like the look. :(

    So how do I submit to Yandex? Someone told me once I could make a page in with the title in russian and them submit it and soon after it would get spider but I can’t read the language on the site. Any adeas?

  14. Comment by 411 New York on September 30, 2008

    Well, we finally got the page to validate and a week later, the PR icon on IE jumped to PR2. We don’t really believe in that little gadget bu it was sure nice to see. :)

    Still would like to know how submit to Yandex.

  15. Comment by Nick on November 19, 2008

    @Dom: I’m sorry but that is just dumb.

    I think it would be smart to make your huge website 100% compatible with screen readers and the like for disabled people, instead of trying to save a few bytes here and there. I highly doubt that’s the reason they haven’t bothered.

  16. Comment by Sell Rent Back on July 3, 2009

    Hey absolutely interesting, bonus for this information. Could I replicate this post on my site?

  17. Comment by 411 New York on August 18, 2009

    Can anyone teach us (free or paid) how to submit to Yandex?

    Matthew R. Kee

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