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New Design!

If you have been to Design Oahu in the past you will notice that the design has been revamp. The design was created as a WordPress Theme. I have been working on the design for quite some time, and have gone back to it several time without completely finishing it. Well I know there are still a bit of bugs that need to be worked out, but I thought what the heck, let me just go ahead and launch it. I currently do not have any plans to make this design publicly available, but if enough people are interested in this theme I will put the finishing touches on it such as make it widget friendly, adding the screenshot and all that other good stuff.

When coming up with the design my idea was to have the top of the page look extremely clean with a nice scheme of colors and just the pineapple bullet points as a bit of flair. Then as the page is scrolled down the fancy design elements are revealed. These images are meant to show off some of the beauty of Oahu. Also, the most important part is the content which should be displayed immediately and the fancy stuff, should be displayed after it is loading. This lets you begin reading the content especially on a slower internet connection without having to wait for the images to load. I know my Uncle Tony will appreciate this on his Dial-Up modem ;).

So yeah, like I said this is still a bit of a work in process, but if you see something that should be fixed and you are bored, please feel free to email me @ jeremy {at} designoahu {dot} com, or just post a comment below.

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  1. Comment by StarW on January 20, 2009

    Прикольно, такое не часто прочитаешь. Не всякий дурак до такого додумается. Да если бы это было кому-нибудь интересно, наверное было бы больше комментариев.

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