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Setup Google Hosted Email in WHM/CPanel

I am usually pretty good at figuring technical things out, but I had a hell of a time figuring out how to set this up, so hopefully this quick tutorial will save you the frustration. Google hosted email has worked really well for me. I would definitely recommend getting it setup. You get 2GB of storage for your email, plus your able to use Google’s Email Servers. Plus you can’t beat the price (FREE). If you haven’t signed up yet, go get a Google Hosted Account. Once you are signed up, you will need to setup your MX Entries in Web Host Manager (WHM). Check the list of mail servers for the correct entries to setup. In WHM under the DNS Functions section click on Edit DNS Zone. Then select the domain name that will have the email hosted by Google. The interface is not the best in the world. I edited the current MX entry making sure the priority was ‘1′ and that I had the correct mail server. Now at the bottom is where you add the new entries. Make sure the first field contains your domain name with a dot following the domain name. Go ahead and leave the default TTL. Make sure the record type drop down is set to ‘MX’. In the next field enter the priority. Then, in the next field enter the email server. Leave the last box empty. In my case I was only able to fit all but the last email server. Just go ahead and save the changes, and more entries will be available.

Google Hosted WHM Setup

Hopefully, this stuff is simple, but again I had trouble and couldn’t find any info by Googling or by searching the CPanel forums.

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  1. Comment by Tim Smith on August 1, 2008

    Thanks for this clue..

    I do all my DNS service at my datacenter instead of using WHM, but this helped me solve the problem of emailing the google hosted email account that has a web account on the same server. It kept going to the local web account and bouncing back saying the user doesnt exist.

    I simply put in the correct MX and it took. cool. :)

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